What Kind Of Links Are Great Hyperlinks Today?

A few years ago, Denver SEO marketing was all about getting as many links back to a website as possible. These days, the game has changed. In fact, instead of calling it search engine optimization , many savvy Internet marketers are just calling it search marketing optimization . This is because rankings have become much more unpredictable lately, so the name of the game is getting more traffic and not just gathering a lot of links.

Are Links Still Needed for Local SEO?

In any competitive field, it still helps to have other sites link back to a business site. However, it's no longer a good idea to gather lots of low-quality links. These days, obtaining a few links from the right websites is a much better strategy. These authority links are likely to help a site rank. More than that, they should come from strong sites that can help deliver traffic on their own. Good local bloggers, niche business directories, and community organizations might be good targets for a link campaign.

Local Citations Help Too

In SEO terms, citations mean mentions on other relevant sites. These might or might not come with links. However, these authority sites should be strong enough to increase interest in a brand on their own. The mentions can also encourage more searches for a local business and possibly, help increase ranks even without links. It's great for a local business to rank on their own, but in a completive niche, it's also great if a citation page ranks. Either way, more traffic can be encouraged to visit a site, pick up the phone, or even step through the front door.

Local Reviews

Google, Yelp, and many other authority properties have their own review sites. Encouraging reviews, especially from satisfied customers, should help a local business attract attention. Even here professional SEOs still argue about how these reviews impact ranks in major search engines, but nobody thinks they hurt.

Why Focus on Traffic and Not Ranks?

Obviously, the goal of getting links was to boost ranks and increase traffic. There are no guarantees that random links will do either one. A focus on building traffic will certainly help increase site visitors, and it will probably help improve search engine ranks too.

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